Successful Start into Leadership

If you are new to the leadership role or will soon be taking on leadership responsibility, you will be faced with many new challenges and expectations that the company, your employees and yourself will have of you.
This is exactly where this programme comes in and offers you orientation to help you find your way in your new role. Get to know practical models and leadership tools that will support you in effectively implementing your leadership tasks and achieving your goals together with your team.
What are the learning objectives?
You will gain clarity about your new role.
You will understand how important an open and positive attitude is for a trusting relationship with your employees and stakeholders.
You will develop your own leadership guidelines that are in line with corporate strategy and values.
You will learn important leadership methods and tools that you can immediately put into practice.
Target group
  • Employees who will assume a leadership role in the future
  • Professionals and managers who recently took on a leadership role
  • Anyone who wants to take their leadership skills to a new level
Content and methodology
This programme combines theoretical insights, self-reflection, practical exercises, role plays and discussions to ensure that participants can directly transfer what they have learned to their professional context. We create an interactive learning environment where participants can expand their knowledge and refine their skills.
Roles, tasks and expectations of a manager
The importance of your own attitude and value-based leadership
Typical leadership myths and mistakes
Situational leadership through the right choice of leadership style
The "Fair Leadership Process" as a motivating and binding management tool
Motivation and commitment
Effective delegation and employee development
Ways to strategic and normative leadership
We are also happy to hold all our seminars at your site as an in-house programme.