Our D3 development programmes
Would you like to develop the skills of your managers and talents and implement sustainable transformation in your company?
Development programmes are a crucial tool for keeping companies competitive and promoting the skills of their employees in a holistic manner. In a constantly changing business world, the continuous training of employees and managers is not only desirable, but essential. It ensures that companies can respond proactively to change, drive innovation and strengthen their market position.
D3 - We set the industry standard
Since the beginning, D3 has recognised this importance and created an offering that stands out from conventional programmes. Our mission to develop an effective programme architecture has resulted in the award-winning D3 development programmes being regarded as the benchmark in the industry today. Our methodological and didactic approach ensures that each programme is tailored precisely to the respective target group. This customisation ensures that the full potential of each participant is recognised and developed.
Another unique characteristic of D3 is our unique approach and continuous support, which ensures a high level of openness and motivation among participants. This is maintained not only during the programme, but often far beyond. With a clear focus on behavioural development and an efficient use of modern learning formats for knowledge transfer, we ensure that our programmes not only inform, but also transform. This maximises the success of each programme.
In a nutshell: Effective and sustainable behaviour change of participants - for your success.
Our development programmes are individually tailored to your needs. Our priority is to ensure that the development programme meets your expectations.
We carry out a systematic needs analysis with you.
We work with you to define content and suitable formats for your target group.
We develop a tailor-made programme for you, plan the resources, select qualified trainers and draw up an implementation plan based on your specific requirements.
Implementation: We continuously gather feedback to make adjustments and ensure that your expectations are met.
When designing your development programme, we draw on various tried-and-tested formats, which we select according to your needs.
Kick-off Session
The programme starts with an inspiring kick-off session. Participants are introduced to the programme, receive an overview of the programme and learn about initial concepts and methods.
Potential Analysis
We carry out a systematic assessment process to identify the individual skills, talents and development opportunities of the programme participants.
Online Portal
Suitable content for each training module is made available in advance in the form of learning videos and handouts via an attractive learning platform. Participants familiarise themselves with the content before the modules and check their understanding independently using quizzes.
Training modules
The focus is on the application of the content learnt. We repeatedly practise what we have learnt, create plenty of space for reflection and feedback as well as consolidation and discussion of the content taught, and thus achieve effective learning success.
Transfer of learning
After each training module, participants receive transfer tasks that relate to current topics and situations in the company. The tasks encourage participants to apply the knowledge gained from the training directly in their own environment.
In a structured approach, we accompany the participants in the implementation of real projects in the company in order to gain practical experience and achieve specific results.
The programme is supplemented by a personal support process in which participants are supported by a coach to resolve individual issues and stress patterns and achieve specific professional or personal goals.
During the development programme, participants are supported by internal mentors. We provide the mentors with the necessary know-how, keep them continuously informed about the content of the programme and give them tips on how to successfully support the participants.
At the end of the development programme, we create a structured environment in which participants receive feedback from colleagues, managers and other relevant people to reflect on their performance and development progress.