Would you like to support your managers and talents individually in developing their personal potential?
Coaching is a structured approach to support people in planning and achieving personal and professional goals, self-development and problem solving. In our coaching sessions, we ensure that coachees realise their personal potential and achieve their goals as effectively as possible in an individualised, self-directed and solution-oriented development process.
The coaches
  • Our coaching pool comprises more than 500 coaches with different focal topics, who enable the ideal support through mutual exchange.
  • The coaches are all professionally trained and work with effective, neuroscience-based methods.
  • All coaches are under the supervision of Dr Frederik Hümmeke (one of the most sought-after business coaches in Europe) and his coaching team, which includes experts from various fields (neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry).
The coaching process
First meeting
In an initial meeting, we clarify the coaching issue, delve into the current topics and challenges and jointly define the topics and goals of the coaching process.
Conception and selection of suitable methods
An individualised procedure for the coaching process is then developed, suitable methods and tools are defined and coaches are selected.
Coaching and continuous support during the change process
In coaching, we support the coachee in working through the issues and create a safe environment for learning new skills. By continuously reviewing progress and reflecting on goals, we manage the process to meet the coachee's individual needs.
Securing success to consolidate the change
This iterative development ends with a long-term safeguarding of the changes that persist even without ongoing support.
Our coaching formats
Our coaching support is aimed at developing managers and employees in the areas of personal effectiveness, self-organisation, productivity, emotion regulation and stress management, as well as strengthening communication and leadership skills.
In doing so, we respond individually to the needs and issues of the coachee.
Here are some examples:
Executive Coaching
Executive coaching is a highly specialised coaching support aimed at helping top-level executives to improve their leadership skills, enhance their professional performance and successfully lead their organisation. As an executive coaching provider, we offer personalised support for leaders to achieve their professional goals and successfully navigate challenging situations.
Through tailored conversations, feedback and strategic planning, we help leaders to develop their full leadership capabilities and bring about positive change in their organisation.
With our executive coaching, leaders can increase their performance, achieve their professional goals and become a strong and inspiring leader.
Leadership Coaching
In leadership coaching, we support managers in recognising their strengths, tackling areas for development, continuously developing themselves and increasing their effectiveness as leaders.
Through targeted discussions, feedback and practical exercises, we help our coachees to improve their leadership skills, resolve conflicts effectively and motivate and inspire their teams.
Our aim is to help managers achieve their professional goals and be successful, both on a personal and organisational level. With our leadership coaching, managers can improve their performance, lead their teams effectively and ensure long-term success for themselves and their organisations.
Career Coaching
In career coaching, we support individuals in advancing and successfully shaping their professional development. Our coaching offers personalised support to identify your strengths, clearly define professional goals and develop strategies to achieve these goals.
We help our coachees to recognise their potential and turn their professional ambitions into concrete steps. Through targeted discussions and proven methods, we support them in overcoming blockages, building skills and realising their career goals.
Our approach is holistic and aims not only to achieve short-term success, but also to promote long-term career success. We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their career goals and we are here to help you find and follow your path. With our career coaching, you can realise your professional dreams and build a fulfilling career.
Stress Coaching
In stress coaching, we help individuals to reduce their stress levels and develop healthy coping strategies. We help our coachees to identify the causes of their stress and learn personalised techniques to deal with it.
Our coaching approach is based on proven methods and techniques from the fields of stress management and personal development. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific stress triggers and help them develop effective coping strategies.
Our aim is to provide our clients with the tools and understanding to reduce stress in their lives and achieve a sense of balance and well-being. Through targeted coaching, we support them to lead a healthier and less stressful life.
Productivity Coaching
In productivity coaching, we help individuals to increase their efficiency, use their time effectively and achieve their professional goals more effectively. We offer individual support to help our coachees optimise their work habits, set priorities and overcome procrastination.
Through targeted conversations, practical exercises and proven methods, we help our clients improve the way they work, prioritise their time and energy, reduce stress and gain a sense of control over their work.
Our goal is to help our coachees increase their productivity, improve their efficiency and achieve their professional goals faster and more effectively. With our productivity coaching, people can maximise their performance and lead a balanced and fulfilling life.
Personality Coaching (Deep OCEAN)
In personality coaching, we help individuals to understand their personality, overcome personal obstacles and realise their full potential. As a personality coaching provider, we use the Deep OCEAN personality model to help our coachees get to know themselves better and make positive changes in their lives.
By working with the Deep OCEAN model, we help our clients identify their deepest beliefs, values and motivations and align them with their professional and personal goals.
Our aim is to help our clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves, build self-awareness and drive their personal development. With our personality coaching, people can improve their self-reflection, strengthen their strengths and lead a more fulfilling and authentic life.
Team Coaching
In team coaching, we use the Deep OCEAN model to help teams identify and understand their shared values, goals and challenges. By applying it, teams can reach a deeper level of collaboration by recognising their individual strengths and weaknesses and aligning them with the team's goals.
We help teams develop effective communication patterns, resolve conflicts constructively and promote positive team dynamics. With our team coaching, teams can increase their performance, improve their co-operation and be successful together.
Vision Coaching
In vision coaching, we support individuals and teams in developing, clarifying and realising their personal or professional vision. We help our coachees to identify their long-term goals and dreams, define their vision and plan concrete steps to realise this vision.
We enable our coachees to gain clarity about their direction, values and priorities and develop a clear roadmap for their future. Through targeted conversations, creative visualisation techniques and strategic planning, we support our coachees in transforming their vision into tangible goals and implementing them step by step.
Our goal is to help our coachees realise their dreams and lead a fulfilled and authentic life that is in line with their values and interests. With our vision coaching, people can clearly define their goals, overcome obstacles and shape their life path with confidence and determination.
Individual Coaching
In our individual coaching processes, we focus entirely on the needs of the coachee. Through targeted discussions, feedback and practical exercises, we support our coachees in solving their professional and personal problems, working on issues, tackling their personal development areas, defining goals and planning concrete steps for their success.
Our goal is to help our coachees realise their full potential in both their professional and personal lives and to lead a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. With our personalised coaching, people can experience deeper self-reflection, drive their personal and professional development and lead happier and more successful lives.