Would you like to support your managers and talents in developing their personal potential and achieving their goals?
Our coaching services are designed to strengthen your employees and managers in the areas of personal effectiveness, self-organisation, productivity, emotion regulation, stress management, communication and leadership skills.
We understand the requirements of modern organisations and know that the individual development of employees makes a decisive contribution to success. Our experienced coaches accompany your employees in a customised process in order to develop their potential and achieve your goals as effectively as possible.
Through the individual development of your employees, you promote their personal strengths and thus increase the overall performance of your team. Find out how our coaching programme can help to bring about positive change in your company. Together, we will shape the path to greater success, satisfaction and sustainable growth.
Our Coaches
  • Our coaching pool comprises more than 500 professional coaches, most of whom we have trained ourselves, who provide the ideal support through mutual exchange.
  • We utilise the skills of the coachee in their self-directed, solution-oriented development process with neuroscience-based and tried-and-tested methods.
  • All coaches are supervised by Dr Frederik Hümmeke - one of the most sought-after business coaches in Europe - and his management team, which includes experts from various fields (neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry).
Our Coaching Process
Exploring the coaching goals
Conception and selection of suitable methods and coaches
Implementation and realization of the coaching as well as continuous support of the coachee in the change process
Success assurance phase to consolidate the change
Content and methodology
In the coaching process, we will work together, set individual goals, adapt the strategy accordingly and create a safe environment for learning new skills. By continuously reviewing progress and reflecting on goals, we manage the process to meet the individual needs of the coachee. This iterative development ends with a long-term assurance of change that will persist without ongoing support.
Personality (Deep O.C.E.A.N)
Addressing dysfunctional thought patterns & beliefs
Emotion regulation & stress management
Leadership skills
Self-management & productivity
Influence in interpersonal interaction
Communicative competencies & attitude
Systemic analysis & control of social systems