Influence Others without Authority I
Influence in projects and matrix organisations
Influencing employees and colleagues to share common goals and approaches is a key challenge for anyone who wants to make a difference. Especially, when a project or process involves change, there is often resistance. Often, neither top management approval nor good arguments are enough to overcome resistance. More is needed to win over those involved: personal relationships, trust and conviction.
This programme teaches the best ideas and techniques of positive influence. It enables participants to strengthen their leadership skills and bring about positive change in their teams and organizations.
The next live training
in Stuttgart
In German, max. 12 participants.
Details of the location and the exact programme will be published in the coming weeks.
What are the learning objectives?
You gain the support of others with the methods and strategies you have learnt and successfully drive change processes forward.
You can use a wide range of persuasion strategies to increase your influence, assertiveness and effectiveness.
Target group
  • Professionals and managers who manage projects or coordinate team
  • Employees who work in interdisciplinary teams or matrix structures
  • Anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills and influence
Content and methodology
The programme is conducted in an interactive format and includes self-reflection, group discussions, a research-based computer simulation, role-plays and practical exercises. Participants have the opportunity to discuss real-life challenges and develop solutions that are directly applicable to their professional practice.
Stakeholder management
The 8 tactics of influence
Control and intervention techniques in conversations
Benefit argumentation
The importance of managing personal relationships
Considering individual thinking and behavior
The 8 steps of successful change processes
Promoting and inhibiting factors of influence
The 5 phases of persuasion
The tools and formats of successful influencing
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