Handling S.H.I.T.
Dealing with difficult people and situations
Understanding your counterpart is the basic building block for successful interaction. Dealing with difficult people is always challenging. S.H.I.T. stands for stress, hypocrites, idiots and tempers and thus for the most important causers of stressful situations in professional and private life. But what is the best way to deal with them?
From critical situations and contact persons who always spread hectic and stress (stress) to the colleague who preaches A and does B (hypocrites), to the customer who decides unwisely by accepting the worse offer from the competitor (idiots), to the employee who is either choleric or phlegmatic (temperaments).
Through better understanding of critical situations and thoughtful responses, you will be able to deal more effectively with difficult people.
The next live training
in Herdecke
In German, max. 12 participants.
Details of the location and the exact programme will be published in the coming weeks.
What are the learning objectives?
You will learn how to deal with difficult people more easily in the future.
You will gain insight into what lies behind the respective behaviour and how you can react calmly and levelheadedly even in critical situations.
You will have a better understanding of critical situations and thoughtful responses, in order to deal more effectively with difficult people.
Target group
  • Professionals and managers
  • Anyone who wants to act more confidently in dealing with difficult people and situations
Content and methodology
The programme combines theoretical insights, self-reflection, practical exercises, role-plays and discussions to ensure that participants can transfer their learnings directly into their professional context. We create an interactive learning environment where participants can expand their knowledge and refine their skills.
Basics and characteristics of the four categories S.H.I.T.: stress, hypocrites, temperaments and idiots.
Recognising S.H.I.T.: The neuroscientific basis behind S.H.I.T. -behaviour.
Mastering S.H.I.T.: Dealing with difficult situations and people as well as verbal attacks.
Understanding S.H.I.T.: Understanding the motives behind your own actions and those of others
Communication tools for difficult conversations
Functional methods and action strategies for dealing with stress in a confident manner
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